What our clients have to say


I have a full tested and tried package

When I joined real estate I worked alone for approximately 3 years then I got an opportunity to join RE/MAX Liko. I had reached a point where I needed a different approach to real estate. I wanted professionalism and that is what RE/MAX Liko provided. I realised on my own I did not have systems but with RE/MAX Liko I would acquire systems, website, advertisement. I could show case my products to the people out there

RE/MAX Liko also instilled discipline in my life. I have learnt how to be proactive, out there I would chase every opportunity and other agents’ leads but here I have learnt to acquire my own properties, how to take care of my own clients and that I cannot close every deal unless I have converted and worked for them. I no longer run around, instead of being a reactive agent I am now a proactive agent.

I have learnt there is more business when you build relationships with new, ongoing and repeat clients. RE/MAX Liko is the reason why I have done more business today. I have done more business here than I have ever done in the past 3 years yet I just joined in February.

Today I have set goals and one that I achieved is taking my family for a holiday, I see myself buying a car soon and that for me is an achievement.

Peninah Kamande

I take home more money

I had a business in Kajiado that was being faced out by technology and new regulations so I moved to Nairobi to find greener pastures and new opportunities. I started off as a briefcase real estate agent but it became really difficult for me because in a span of one and a half years I made zero income. One day I saw RE/MAX on TV and i was attracted by their model so I chose to seek for an opportunity to join.

In the course of interacting with RE/MAX affiliates I met Eric from RE/MAX Liko and his motivation to train and coach attracted me to join his brokerage. I got trained and coached and in a span of 9 months I was able to make good income and in the last 2 weeks I have made Kshs 190,000. What I really enjoy at RE/MAX Liko is that I operate within the hours I determine. I own my business and I am not an employee of the company, I also have a web profiles features, access to marketing material, marketing structures and list properties that get a lot of exposure both locally and internationally because RE/MAX is a global entity.

I also get to market myself as a brand rather, own my clients and form quality Win-Win relationships with them for the benefit of everyone. With high commission splits it RE/MAX if I put in hard work I go home a substantial amount of remuneration. RE/MAX Liko is the place for me for both emotional health and professional well being.

You will enjoy being with us here at RE/MAX Liko

Dickson Weru

Home Find for Pulkkinen’s family

Thank you Eric Gitonga for helping us find a home in Nairobi. We thought our search would be long and tiresome but we were pleasantly surprised. You managed to locate a perfect apartment that met all our family’s needs and in record time.
Thank you for your hard work and going beyond what we asked for. You made the move for us very easy and we would gladly recommend you to anyone looking to buy or rent in Nairobi.
We love our new home and we are glad we chose you.