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The miracle is not that we do this work, but that we are happy to do it. ~ Mother Teresa

Genuine giving gives more joy to the giver. The world around us presents daily opportunities to give and be a blessing to others, near and far. As RE/MAX Liko, we have always wanted to be givers both to our clients and also the community in which we exist. In making a difference in the industry, we are aware of the power of putting a hopeful smile on the face of a needy child. We were so glad to do this when we visited Sarah’s House Kenya.

Sarah’s House Kenya is a charity ministry located in Makon

Feeding the kids

geni, Thika. During our visit to the kindergarten on 12th Jan, 2019, Sarah – the founder – shared with us the powerful story of how she started and has been able to run the school even sometimes with minimal external financial help. Being deeply spiritual, she narrated to us how she received the calling to educate the illiterate, feed the hungry and clothe the naked (Matt 25:35-46). Sarah’s House Kenya has now been operational for over eight years and has touched dozens of lives.

The story of Susan Muzigala is that of a girl who was in the first kindergarten class of 2010. She and her 4 siblings had difficulty finding education due to the lack of financial support from their father whom they lived with. Sarah’s House took her in when she was well past the age in which kids join Kindergarten. Susan was an exemplary student who graduated from Sarah’s House Kindergarten and now is in class 7 at Kenyatta Primary School. Her siblings are in class 2 and 3 and the older ones in form 2 and 3.

Ian Kiarie and Victor Muiruri are brothers currently in nursery level. Their mother who is a single parent cannot read or write. With unemployment, she has ended up being sex worker in order to fend for the kids having recently given birth to a baby girl. Sarah’s House is the only chance the boys have at education considering they get food and uniforms as well. With its proximity to the neighbouring slums, Sarah’s House is a way to touch young live and show the children that there is a better way of life.

Kids walking home alone

We were so touched by the stories of these young lives that have seen the ugliness of poverty and have felt the pain of lack within the informal settlements. We walked them half the journey home which takes them about 30 minutes since their guardians fail to come pick them up. Seeing a group of under 5 year old kids hold hands to walk home brought each one of us face-to-face with a reality most working class citizens are unaware of. A need exist in the heart of these young boys and girls. We welcome you to reach out and be an answer to that need in whatever small or big way you can. Humanity is humanity’s only hope.

Author: Dickson Weru